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Your special operations and events

In a virtual movie theater!

Organize a public or private screening into CINEVR to broadcast your event worldwide: press release, preview, keynote, fashion show, festivals …

Vos opérations spétiales & événementielles
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Free and exclusive private screening to 2000 fans to watch Jumanji, Welcome to the Jungle just before the VOD release

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Free screening to watch Ready Player One in CINEVR for any VOD purchase on MyTF1 VOD platform.

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Private screening of the animated movie, Akira, for the VOD platform subscribers during the Animation Cyber Festival

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Special event within our Haunted House theater to promote the movie, IT 2, with the teaser, clips, interactive and thrilling animations (« jump scare »).

Offer a movie screening to your subscribers

Differentiate from your competitors by offering a unique, innovative and unforgettable experience in virtual reality to your subscribers

Design and development of an app in virtual reality to watch 150 TV channels and 360° videos on a virtual beach, up to 5 simultaneous subscribers (iOS, Androïd and Oculus Quest 2).

Design and development of an app in virtual reality to watch TV channels in a virtual café, alone or up to 3 simultaneous subscribers (Oculus Go).

Design and development of an app in virtual reality to watch movies form FnacPlay VOD platform in a virtual movie theater (iOS, Android et Oculus Go).

Design your own movie theater in the metaverse

Set up your virtual movie theater as you wish, we create and operate it for you. 

Theater design

7 thematic theaters available in 3D or a customized theater

Theater customization

Integration of your logo, 3D objects or avatars to customize the theater 

Social experience

Social interactions options (voice, gesture, emoji)


Single or multi-user screening

Video catalog

Access to a premium 2D/3D/360° video catalog


Stereo, 5.1, 7.1 or Binaural sounds

Languages and inclusion

Multi-language, subtitle and audiodescription


Digital right management (Widewine, Playready, Marlin, Fairplay)

Multi-device distribution

App distribution on VR headsets (Oculus, HTC, Pico …), iOS, Androïd or desktop 


Ticketing system integration

Marketing campaign

Redeem code management

Experience the cinema in virtual reality

Découvrez l'expérience spectateur en réalité virtuelle Découvrez l'expérience spectateur en réalité virtuelle

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